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Information Management


Thompson Aero Seating is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Business and First-Class aircraft seating. They have a global customer base featuring many of the industry’s top airlines including Delta, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines.

The Challenge

Every seat produced by Thompson needs to be fully documented for quality and approval certification.  These documents must be retained and available for audit throughout the period the seats are in service.  Since production began, this had produced thousands of paper files which were difficult to store and retrieve when the specific documentation was required.

The Solution

Calvert provided two Canon production scanners driven by Therefore™ for the scanning and indexing of their archived seat packs. This created an OCR text searchable repository accessible to only the appropriate staff.  This is now being extended and integrated into their production environment, enabling documentation to be immediately available to team members. Furthermore, the space previously utilised as storage is now used to accommodate a team of programmers.

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